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Rick Tallent

A native of East Tennessee, he has lived in Metro-New York City, Louisville, and Knoxville, and spent time ministering in the coal fields of Eastern  Kentucky.   After living in the Beaumont, Texas area for over twenty years, he and his wife Carol relocated to LaFayette,  Georgia where he continues to work in broadcasting while pioneering a mission church  and writing novels.

Starting in the ministry at age fourteen, Rick Tallent has traveled across the United States evangelizing, teaching, and pastoring in churches large and small, appearing regularly on local and national television and radio. A businessman and broadcaster, he has been responsible for building numerous Christian radio and television stations, and also worked for major Christian television networks. 

In 1994, Rick published his first book, Preparing to Make War, based upon a teaching series he had been sharing in churches across East Texas and Southwest Louisiana. The book was well-received and has been distributed internationally and is still available in print and as an e-book.

With a lifetime of stories and experiences, Rick began writing short stories and essays that were published in numerous nationally-distributed publications, leading him to write and publish his first novel, Of Friends and Family, in 2014, followed by his second novel, Finding Rhonda, a few months later. In June 2018, he released his third novel,  Ashes in the Rose Garden.  All three novels have received critical acclaim for the strength of the  story lines and the depth of the characters. He is currently writing a number of sequels to Ashes in the Rose Garden, all based in a fictional North Georgia community.

Rick is also an award winning watercolor artist and photographer. 

Celebrating fifty years of ministry, Rick continues to pastor, teach, and write, and is in demand as an inspirational speaker and a conservative political commentator.

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Rick Tallent

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website:  www.ricktallent.com https://www.facebook.com/rick.tallent

Current Books


Preparing to Make War (1994)


Of Friends and Family (2014)

Finding Rhonda (2014)

Ashes in the Rose Garden (2018)

Media and Ministry

Building upon several decades of radio and television broadcasting experience, Rick is developing a strong ministry on-line with Bible teaching, preaching, and the continuing ministries of Grace Fellowship Church of LaFayette, Georgia.

From studios and duplication facilities located at 203 Flora Street in LaFayette, Georgia, the internet streaming  feed of RTM continues the work started with the ministries former television station in Jasper, Texas, K54JK, and radio and television  programs  Power for Survival and The Late Night Gospel Singing Convention.

Books by Rick Tallent




If military science is indeed a true ‘science’, then its rules and strategies are repeatable, and, are universal laws.  As such, they are also the IMMUTABLE Laws of God.  In this book, the author draws parallels between natural warfare and spiritual warfare in a unique and powerful manner that brings the reader or student into a new understanding of gthe battles we face, why we face them, and how to attack and counter-atack the enemy of our souls.

The book was first released in 1994 and has become a favorite among pastors and Bible teachers, with one prominent mega-church pastor calling it, “…easily THE TEXTBOOK on Spiritual Warfare…”

This book addresses the current militant spiritual climate with answers to why the physical manifestations of the spiritual battle have permeated every sector of society, why the division and racial strife, and why false religions are dominating the news, the streets, and society.




As a teenager, Jacob Hardwick dedicated his life to the Lord and to the Call of the Ministry. Following that call, he spoke at churches, youth meetings, taught Sunday school, and worked with his pastor and youth minister. But shortly before he graduated from high school, his life is turned upside down and he leaves the church, his calling, and his friends behind to seek success and wealth.

Many years later, a chance encounter with a beloved minister brings him back into the fold and into the ministry, much to the displeasure of his socialite wife and spoiled adult children.

A trip back home reunites him with an old friend, Rachel Sullivan. And, later, a meeting with one of his parishioners, a former mobster, tears his life apart and leaves him wondering if he will lose everything, including his ministry.

It is a story of the power of love.

Are the characters perfect Christians? 

No, they are normal people who fail, who turn away from the Lord, and who repent and return. It is a story of their journey of faith that brings them together as friends, and ultimately, as 'family'.




Only nine years old when his mother is killed, Ronnie's father remarries and brings him not only a step-mother, but a step-sister, Rhonda.  As latchkey children, they become dependent upon one another and promise to always be best friends and companions.  However, in the ever-changing dynamics of their dysfunctional family, that was not destined to happen when Ronnie is forced to leave Rhonda behind. 

After serving his country for three decades, Ronnie, now a retired Marine, sets out to find the step-sister that he has not heard from in decades.  The search takes him across the country as he uncovers a trail of abuse, alcohol, and drugs, and hope turns to despair.  Then, when least expected, their paths merge and their prayers are answered.

Join in the emotional rollercoaster ride as a loving step-brother determines that somehow, somewhere, he is going to succeed in his quest to locate his step-sister; his quest of Finding Rhonda.



  John Fletcher was determined to show everyone that he was a better man than the poverty of his youth and, in his mind, monetary success was the only way to prove it. Returning from the trenches of World War I carrying the scars of the horrors of war, the “Dear John” letter from his ex-fiancé, and a hard and bitter attitude toward life, he set out to turn his meager savings into a fortune. 

Emma Williams, who had loved him from afar, captures him and they marry and have a son; however, the marriage is far from the loving relationship of her dreams. 

Although he finds financial success, he stands to lose everything because of Leona Watkins Miller, his former fiancé, and births a family feud that lasts for generations and attempts to destroy all who are caught in its web.

The emotional rollercoaster of the story follows a bitter young man who loves only what he does not have to the graveside of his wife whom he has come to love more than life itself. 

John Fletcher’s story ties several families in a web of deceit where greed and lusts empowers people to control, manipulate, and destroy others to attain their goals. It is the manifestations of what the Bible describes as ‘the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life’, building like the pressure of a volcano until it erupts.

Ashes in the Rose Gardenis the story of love overcoming bitterness and the lust of money and its power encountering reality in a collision of strong wills, immorality, faith, and the power of prayer. Along the way, people’s lives are affected; crimes are committed; The Great Depression strangles the world; two world wars are fought, and strong faith becomes the bond that keeps it all together during the severe storms of life.

Ashes in the Rose Garden is the first story in the series Deception by Proxy that follows a host of characters in the fictional small North Georgia town of Carson City, encompassing several generations and the secrets that linger in the shadows, and where skeletons find their way into the already crowded closets.

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